Recruitment Procedure

We follow a very firm and strict recruitment procedure so that as a company you will get the best among the candidates and as a candidate you are so sure of not facing any unnecessary problems in a foreign country.

Understand client need
Created candidates applicable list
Issuing of Conditional Offer Letter
Arrangements & ready for Emigration
Shortlist the candidates
Final selection
Employee signed Agreement


To start with the recruitment procedure for any sector or industry, we sign an agreement with that company affirming the terms and conditions about the recruitment process.

To make the recruitment procedure so easy for our candidates looking for the job as well as clients who recruit, we utilize ourselves on the theory of Integrity & clarity.

Our process of recruitment is well organized and quick that offers the foremost candidates to our clients within the time frame.

We understand that employees are the most important and valuable investment for our clients. Our process of recruitment is to ensure that “Human capital” is well preserved. Our recruitment process is focused and well methodological. We always go in-depth assessment of our client’s needs. Among all our steps of recruitment process, this is the most important steps that decide our performance. We always search for the Ideal candidates, select them and present to the employer with the final agreement and issuance of conditional offer letter followed by necessary formalities. Even arrival of candidates at the overseas destination is well coordinated.

The process of recruitment starts with the duplicate of demand letter given by employer. This letter is engaged as formal announcement from the customers detailing description regarding the job openings.

  • Number of openings
  • Scale
  • Resume
  • Perks offered during the job
  • Contract time

Our recruitment procedures are:

  • Certificates of educational qualification and experience should verify
  • Documentation is approved to certify the details given by the candidates
  • Paper work according to visa and ticketing these things are comes under the recruitment procedure
  • In recruitment procedure, the selected candidates are medically inspected according to the particular country’s ministry
  • Written exam, group discussion and personal interview are followed to filter the skilled candidates who can able to manage the substantial job